Sunday, 18 July 2010

Dolls House Refurb.

I don't know why my dad ever thought it would be a good idea to put a cork floor in the bathroom, but apparently he did, and it has to be removed to re-decorate.
That floor was an absolute bitch to remove.
I had to pretty much pick it apart with one of those scraper things you use to strip wallpaper off the wall.
My dad then sanded it down. Apparently he doesn't trust me with his sander :S
But now the house is doorless and completely gutted ready to be re-decorated.
I'm going to drag my dad to the dolls house shop in Barleylands later today to see what they have on offer in terms of wallpaper and flooring.
I can't afford furniture yet (it's like £20 just for a bed) but I can get all the painting and what not done ready.
We already have some dormer windows to put into the roof, so hopefully I'll be able to get dad to do that today :D

Dolls House.

My dad built me this dolls house when I was really young, about 4.
A few years ago we decided to do it up a bit, make it more of a decorative piece than a play piece.
So we redecorated it all and put in lighting.
My little sister then decided to trash it again.

Recently I found the dolls house again and decided it was time to work on it again.
It's not in too bad a shape, only one window missing from the outside, but it's a bit of a mess inside. I've already pulled up the carpets.

I have big ideas for how I want it to look, it's going to be like a mini version of my dream house.
I just need to find some money to be able to do this!

I've almost decided on how I want it to look. It's going to be very neutral and painted with pale colours, with some feature walls of wallpaper. I'm going for the "shabby chic" look for most of the rooms.

You can follow the progress of the refurbishment on here.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Flower Drawings.

Almost 2 months off already and I've hardly done anything :D
I did however spend a sunny afternoon in the garden drawing some of the flowers my mum has worked so hard on. These are just a few examples from the A6 sketchbook I've been working in. I used a variety of pens and some coloured ink.

The second from last image is on kitchen towel, which happened purely accidentally as I was using it to soak up some excess ink, but it resembled the shape of a rose so I went with it. I think it ended up being my favourite piece.
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