Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Adding to my lovely long list of places I'm online, I've created an account with LinkedIn.


I've been working on a PDF of things and people and places that inspire me.
I've added a tab at the top of this page (next to my CV and Portfolio) to see the pages of this.

More Feathers.

Some more inspirational feather illustrations, all from Google Image search:

Feather Painting.

These are beautiful. But far beyond what I can do with my feather project!

Feather work was carried out by highly skilled artisans and fantastic headdresses, ceremonial shields, bracelets, exotic fans, ceremonial staffs and numerous other items were created. There are lots of feathers that can be used for painting, such as chicken, ducks, geese, pigeons, golden pheasants, peacocks and turkey. Due to the difference of the feather's colour, texture and size, the painting will present various visual effects.

Wolf feather painting by rileymai

(L) Midnight Memories by DarkIceWood
(R) Clearest Vision by Foxfeather248

Final Show.

The blog accompanying my final show can be found here: psychobabble

I have my own page on it :)

Final Show Setup.

I was at uni again this morning helping set up the final show.
There was a bigger group of us in today (more guys to do the heavy lifting ;) ) we prepped the walls for painting, wiping them down (I was stood on a table doing this, the downside to being tall) sticking masking tape round the plugs and stuff and covering all the speakers, tv screens and other electrical equipment.

My friend Claire and I were put in charge of prepping the boxes we will be using in the final show. We will get a box each and have to sum up our project in the box.
So Claire and I had to trim the edges (I marked them out and she cut) then start putting them together.

We were supposed to be in all day but as there were quite a few of us in we finished by lunch, and just the blog group stayed longer. The rest of us will be back tomorrow to paint!

Claire cutting the boxes

Roughly A3 size box which we each get to put our work in.

Monday, 30 May 2011


I made a feather "page" in my sketchbook of feather illustrations, which is really soft to touch.
It was just a quick, fun way to use some of the huge number of feathers I have collected, as I haven't decided what to do or make with them yet.

I'd like to try this idea but with much smaller feathers, so you can't immediately see what the page is made from. I need to collect a lot more of them first though!


Some more feather illustrations I did today, this time incorporating more colour:

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Feather Illustrations.

I finally did some more work on my personal feather project. Just a few quick drawings with a little bit of ink, but it was really enjoyable.
It's nice to get back to basics, drawing and not using a computer.

Down the Rabbit Hole.

Is literally where I fell. Trying to find my stupid dog who ran off near a busy road.
But when the ground looks like this, it's kinda hard not to fall down!


I've made myself a flickr.
Go check it out.

Garden Photography.


Wooden Edging


Secret Place

Gnarly Wood


My house has an orchard in the back garden, and there are several trees growing pears. They seem to grow upwards, even though they look like they should be growing downwards. I think they look interesting.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Birthday Cards.

It's my little sister's birthday today and was my friend Adele's birthday on Thursday so I had some fun with glitter and sequins making them birthday cards.

My sister just got my dad's old blackberry and she wants me to make her a case like mine has but I haven't gotten round to buying the case yet so i made a mock up one on a card for her. She loved it! (It took a bloody long time too! haha)

Adele's was very simple, just her name written in glitter and gems stuck on top.

The two cards together.
I loved doing this, it's been a while since I did any craft so hopefully I'll find some time soon to do more :)

Sneaky Show Find.

Whilst sorting through everything for the final show there was quite a lot of old work which we were told just to throw away (it was really hard to do this to other people's work (especially as some were in our class) but the work had just been sitting there for a year with no one claiming it)
I found this box (which absolutely stank by the way, sesame oil and olive oil do not make a good mix :P) I have no idea what it was for but in spite of that I liked the box and the way all the little bottles sat in the box together, so I decided to photograph it before promptly shutting the box and throwing it away, getting the god awful smell away from me :(

Final Show Setup.

So I spent most of the day yesterday at uni helping to set up the final show. It was me, Dan, Max and Luke basically doing manual labour and our tutor's dirty work.
We had to move every single stool and chair out of the studio (you can see them all in the last photo - there were A LOT of them!) then move all the tables against the walls. Each table had an MDF board cover so we had to take them all off and sort through which ones were in a usuable condition.

Once we'd done all that me and Max tidied the design store cupboard (literally filled with old portfolios, sleeves and job bags) while the others sorted through more sheets of wood in the corridors. Then finally we had to clear the other room we're using for our show, which had had several pigeons nesting in for the last few weeks so there was shit EVERYWHERE (we didn't have to clean that, they're getting cleaners in for that, but we had to work around it all :P)

But it's all clear now and ready to go and we made a good impression on our tutors seeing as no one else has been turning up to their sessions :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stamp Collecting.

Some more of my earlier work.
This project was about challenging people's opinions on an outdated hobby, in this case stamp collecting.
The final piece consists of three large posters, which would go up on billboards a week apart from each other. There is no text, but the image gets a little clearer each time.
Once the third is up the video would be released, explaining the posters and linking to a website to find out more.

The modern feel to the posters is in contrast to the archaic view of stamp collecting as a hobby.
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