Friday, 15 June 2012

Pink Jelly.

These photographs are from my 'Cutie 35mm Jelly Toy Film Camera' (aka Pink Jelly Cam) which I bought from iteenstore on ebay.

This is a really cute camera, and really easy to use, except I've already broken it! I've knocked the shutter release button off, so I have to press it a little harder to take the photo :S

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bit of a Fail...

I finally got round to trying a couple of the cupcakes I wanted to try this weekend.

The first attempt was hundred and thousands cupcakes based on this photo:
Mine didn't turn out quite so well though!

The hundreds and thousands lost most of their colour when I mixed them into the batter, and they just came out a little crunchy :S

Once the icing was on though they looked great! I left a little space round the edge so you can see the cake with the colours in underneath. 

I also had a go at making rainbow cupcakes (bit different to my previous rainbow cupcakes) based on an idea from My Chic Life.
I made A LOT of mess spooning the different mixtures into the cases!

Food colouring gets everywhere!

They didn't come out so great :S but the blue worked well at least! The purple didn't come out at all. I think I should've used more food colouring in the other colours.

As with the hundred and thousand ones, they look much better with the icing on! I used Rachel's idea over on My Chic Life of making the icing look like clouds. I used buttercream icing with a high proportion of icing sugar to butter to make it more white.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Story on my Fingernails.

Some recent nail paintings:

Leopard print

Clouds in the Sky
(Sorry, these were pre-cleaning!)

Jubilee Nails (Union jacks were too hard!)

Soft pink and tiny black bows
(from this seller on ebay)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Over the Rainbow.

I saw these cupcakes on weheartit and knew I just had to try them myself!

Unfortunately, mine didn't turn out quite so well. The blue and the clouds worked fine, but the rainbow laces, which I bought from Tesco, were too thin and weak to hold their shape, so they just collapsed :( they also weren't very vibrantly coloured like the ones above are, so I'll need to find some better ones if I want to make these again.

I've got a couple more ideas I want to try next:
This idea, from My Chic Life (follow the link for the recipe) looks like a bit of a faff but it comes out so well!

This one is also from weheartit and it looks like you put hundreds and thousands in the mixture. Can't wait to try it out!
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