Saturday, 25 February 2012

Imagine That Magazine Feature (Issue 2)

I'm very excited to have my some of my photography featured in issue 2 of Imagine That magazine! I was quoted in their first magazine back in November but to actually have some work printed this time around is amazing.

As a massive Arcade Fire fan I was doubly excited to see Chelsea Cannar's work printed next to mine!

The magazine's actually sold out (already!) but when it becomes available again it's definitely worth checking out, some amazing artists and designers have been featured. Failing that, check out the Imagine That blog (which I've also been featured on!)


  1. Wow! Soo cool!I love your photography. I have had a photograph as a front cover on a small local directory and I know that feeling when you see your name printed on a publication, your like 'Yes!' :)

    1. Thanks Emily :) yeah it's amazing to think how many people from all over will get to see my work!

  2. Congratulations! Work in print is always awesome :)

  3. Just come across this blog post, thank you for the kind words! :)


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