About Me.

I'm Hannah.
I'm a graphic designer, photographer, artist, illustrator, crafter, nail painter and hopefully soon a florist!

I have a First Class Honours degree in Graphic Design from London Metropolitan University. I am currently studying Floristry at Writtle College.

I'm a very craft orientated designer.
I love making things by hand.
I will often buy something just because it has lovely packaging.
I love to draw, even though I often don't think I am very good at it.
I change my nails every few days.

I'm originally from Edinburgh but have lost my Scottish accent.
My happy place is by the sea.
The sky amazes me.
I like to experiment with disposable cameras.
I think forests are magnificent.
I think fog is magical.
I'm a sucker for peonies and daisy chains.

My blogs feature personal design work, flower arrangements, a lot of photography, nail art, crafty things I make with my sister and other general stuff I like :)

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