Sunday, 25 April 2010


This is what I have to do for my final piece for my Illustration module. It's called (M)Animal. I have to do 6 illustrations of me turning into an animal I look like.

I chose a Cotton-Top Tamarin. I don't think I look particularly like one, but I couldn't think of anything else and my dad suggested choosing an animal that has big hair so this is what I ended up with.

So this is my first and sixth illustration. Somehow I have to bridge the gap between these 2 images. I've had a few attempts but not much luck so far. My technique is to fill the background in roughly using drawing inks, then go over the details with a Sharpie. These images look a lot better scanned in than the real versions. My drawing skills aren't the best so that is how I ended up doing them this way, as I can get away with being messy, and its a lot quicker than if I was putting huge amounts of detail into the drawings.

I have until Tuesday to have an almost complete sequence before a review with my lecturer, then another week to finish them off before the hand in. And the week after that I'll have finished my second year of university :)

With nothing planned for the 3 months I have off over the summer. Erm...

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