Monday, 26 September 2011

Self-Promotional Mailer.

I don't have the funds to do anything fancy for my mailer, and the sort of jobs I can get are very mac based so I don't want to spend a load of time on anything handmade, even though it would be more unique, because it's just not relevant or what studios are looking for.

So I was thinking of an A5, or slightly smaller, postcard, with my 'H' motif and name on the front, and my contact details and a few examples of my work on the back.

I don't know if it's that clear, but I went for a rainbow look to the samples of my work. I thought it was a fun little idea :) haha

It's a pretty simple idea, but I hope it's enough to make me stand out from I'm sure the hundreds of emails they get where they don't have to look at the person's work. At least here they get some idea of what I do and hopefully they'll like it!
[The back also has my address on it but I didn't really fancy putting that on the internet!]

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