Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bit of a Fail...

I finally got round to trying a couple of the cupcakes I wanted to try this weekend.

The first attempt was hundred and thousands cupcakes based on this photo:
Mine didn't turn out quite so well though!

The hundreds and thousands lost most of their colour when I mixed them into the batter, and they just came out a little crunchy :S

Once the icing was on though they looked great! I left a little space round the edge so you can see the cake with the colours in underneath. 

I also had a go at making rainbow cupcakes (bit different to my previous rainbow cupcakes) based on an idea from My Chic Life.
I made A LOT of mess spooning the different mixtures into the cases!

Food colouring gets everywhere!

They didn't come out so great :S but the blue worked well at least! The purple didn't come out at all. I think I should've used more food colouring in the other colours.

As with the hundred and thousand ones, they look much better with the icing on! I used Rachel's idea over on My Chic Life of making the icing look like clouds. I used buttercream icing with a high proportion of icing sugar to butter to make it more white.


  1. Hi there, have been following your blog for a little while and I think it's great! I thought I'd comment because I have also attempted the rainbow cake and I thought you may appreciate the recipe I used - it's linked on my blog page about my cake attempt ( and it was from an american blog called the Whisk Kid, so the cake batter was slightly different allowing for the colour to shine a bit more. And the colour I used was also a gel food colour instead of liquid which might help you get the cakes a little more vivid! The cake I did was a layer cake, and I'd love to see if that batter works in cupcake form! Also (sorry for the essay!) I was wondering what piping bag you used to get that icing looking so cute and fluffy? Thanks!

    1. Oh I'll definitely try the gel food colour next time, thanks for the tip! The colours that came out best were the original ones, so with like the purple and green where I mixed two other colours together they didn't work so well, so I think that will help as well.

      For the icing I used a 12-piece cupcake decorating set by Wilton, which comes with a variety of tips and disposable piping bags (so much easier than trying to reuse them!) and I find the key to good icing is unsalted butter softened to room temperature, don't put it in the microwave, and just a little bit of water. And then start out with twice as much icing sugar as butter, and keep adding icing sugar until it seems right (plus it goes whiter then) oh and use an electric mixer if you can! It goes lovely and fluffy then.

      But even though the cakes just look a little mouldy I took them to work and everyone loved them anyway!

    2. The gel food colour is more expensive but its worth it! Oh thankyou for the tip, I have a Tala icing bag set but the nozzles are all really small - I'll have to look out for those Wilton ones! I usually use the icing recipe from the Primrose Bakery book but your method does sound better!


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