Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Gift from a Friend.

What a busy weekend! Friday after work I went to my friend Lee's house. She always cooks amazing food and she didn't disappoint this time with a piri-piri chicken themed feast (with spicy rice, potato wedges, halloumi cheese, the works!) then we did the usual thing when we get together and played a board game, this time the Game of Life. Yes we're that cool.

Saturday we went to Norwich. I took a lot of photos, but all on film (I took 4 cameras with me!) so it'll be a while before I get them back unfortunately. I tried out my Diana F+ for the first time but I didn't feel very comfortable using it so I think I need to practice with that a bit more before trying to take decent photos!

And finally today me and my friend Jo went to Westfield Stratford City :) the trains were a nightmare (as usual) so I drove but it was actually a really good journey. And we got to drive through the Olympic Park, which was amazing!

So now onto the whole reason for this post....Jo's dad gave me a gift. I know I've mentioned sometime in the past that I have a Praktica L2. Well Jo was telling her dad about it and he remembered he also had a Praktica, so he dug it out and as he never uses it he gave it to me! Along with a whole load of other camera goodies, including numerous flashes and lenses (check out the amazing telephoto one, you could see to the moon with that beauty!) So it all needs a good clean because it's amazingly dusty (Jo's house is a bit of a worksite, her dad's a builder and he's been renovating the house for, oh, about eight years or so :S) and I need to ask my dad (he's full of camera knowledge) what half of it is, but I'm very excited to use it all!

My two Prakticas :) I love the strap on the [new] one.

I may have to rethink my "camera museum" (as my mum calls it!) to fit all this stuff in. But I might just sit the case on the floor in front of the shelf the rest of my cameras are on. Makes more sense.


  1. Wow, Hannah, what a great haul. That telephoto lens looks like fun, bet you're itching to try it all out :)

    1. Yeah can't wait :) will have to until the weekend though unfortunately :( it all needs a really good clean first anyway, most of it is caked in dust! Though luckily it's just the outside casing, my friend's dad made sure of that.

  2. Soo cool! Lovely cameras :)


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