Saturday, 3 March 2012

Let Me Tell You About My Weekend So Far...

I've been very neglectful of late. But I'm trying to rectify that. I just uploaded a few photos to Flickr (freshly scanned ones as well, not from my backlog!) and I just blogged about them.

And now I'm going to tell anyone who might be interested about what else has been happening recently.

I'm still working full time monday to friday, which is the main reason why I haven't been on here - there's just no time to do anything worth blogging about! It means I haven't had a chance to use some of the new cameras I bought, and I've had to stop myself buying anymore until I get round to trying out the ones I already have (which sucks because I really want a Superheadz Black Devil Camera)

Anyway, I had a day off yesterday to help set up the reception for my step-cousin's wedding. It was in Bury St. Edmunds, and the bride's dad and his wife (my aunt - try to keep up if you can!) live in Portugal so they'd been staying with us all week while they prep (they did all the catering) so me, my aunt and my uncle went up on friday morning to set up the reception, which was in a former night club so didn't have proper lighting and it was also freeeeezing. Like so cold that I now have a cold :( I only took my Praktica along, which doesn't work too well in the dark so I didn't really get any photos, but there were hundreds of balloons and all these little butterflies everywhere, it was so pretty. And I got to be crafty so that's always a bonus when I don't get to do anything like that at work. After a frantic rush to get all the food done (I was icing cupcakes :) ) we got changed and headed over to the actual wedding. It was in a registry office because my cousin unexpectedly became pregnant so they only had 6 weeks to prepare it all. But it was still really nice, and I was only a little bit jealous that someone younger than me was getting married (although only by 5 days!) Then the usual happenings of a wedding reception, which was pretty boring because I didn't really know anyone and my mum and uncle were very embarrassingly dancing to 'Mama do the Hump' and 'Sexy and I Know It'. Just wrong.

So moving onto today, saturday. I sold something from my Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts! I sold this Follow Your Heart Framed Embroidered Text (which might look familiar if you've seen photos of my frame wall)
So yeah, I had to quickly take it down and package it up, and hopefully my mum will be able to take it to the post office on monday (again work is getting in the way of me being able to do it!)

For the rest of today I've been sorting out the monumental mess that is my wardrobe:
(excuse the terrible photos, I took them on my Blackberry)


The crap I'm throwing out (or a lucky charity shop somewhere will be receiving!)


So it still looks pretty full, but it's much more organised now (it goes skirts, what few pairs of jeans I have, dresses in colours black - grey - blue - mixed colours - floral - cream - white, shirts, cardigans and finally blazers/jackets/coats. And I got rid of enough pairs of shoes to clear the floor. And the top bit I couldn't really be bothered to sort properly so I just moved a few things around.

So that's pretty much my weekend so far. I'm knackered now because I tried on everything I'm getting rid of and that's A LOT of clothes! I'm planning to make some more white dreamcatchers tomorrow to sell in my Folksy shop.

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