Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Mind's a Jumble.

It feels like forever since I've done a full post relating to graphic design, and it probably is, so here's one now!

The charity I volunteer for, Action for Family Carers, is having a jumble sale and have asked me to design some posters to advertise it. I don't have all the information going on them yet, so they're a bit sparse, and they want three - 1 as a general advertisement for the sale, 1 recruiting volunteers and 1 asking for donations for things to sell. I don't know if I should have just one poster and change the wording or have three variations on one theme. I'll send them off to the charity first though and see what they think.

So here's my initial ideas:

I did a google search for 'jumble sale' and it came back with a lot of ideas incorporating bunting, so I've tried to use that in my designs as well. This one is a combination of bunting and string lights, but I'm not sure how much I like it yet.

This one was based off a similar idea I found during a google search.  l like bright, bold colours, and hopefully that means it'll draw the eye and get more volunteers and donations.

I don't really like this one very much, it was based off a similar idea on a t shirt, but doesn't work so well on the triangle (which was meant to be like an individual piece of bunting) and I think it would need a lot more text to look good. I therefore don't think I'll send this one off to them for consideration.

This one is a bit more simple, which I think they'll appreciate. It's only a small charity after all!

This one took me ages but I don't like it especially much. I think the idea comes across well (a jumble of the letters in the words 'jumble sale' at the bottom) but it still feels like there's something missing.

Any thoughts?


  1. I think you're right about the fourth one down being the clearest, I actually think they're all good in their own way, but my favourite has to be the second one as I think it incorporates everything you're trying to say as well as what you researched design-wise :) x

    1. Thanks Ruth :) I've sent them off now so we'll see soon hopefully! x

  2. I do like them all. I would be interested to know which one they picked (I am slightly partial to #1). They are all colorful, straightforward and nicely done!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yeah I like 1 as well, although I think the second one might be my favourite.

      They've been received well but I haven't heard which one they want me to develop more :S

    2. Also, I really love your blog and illustration work! I just had to follow :)


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