Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wrap Me Up.

Yes I'm doing a whole post about nail wraps. I just love them! You can get such amazing designs, things I could never paint myself and they're pretty easy to apply.

These ones are all from Asos and I want to buy them all! I really love the doughnuts and ice cream ones.


  1. Wahhh! I love the Toonland ones, have you tried any yet? I always wonder how good value they are as when I do get around the painting my nails, I'm always changing my mind.

    1. I know, they're amazing! I'm buying some :)
      I've tried a couple of different designs from Asda, they work pretty well. I know what you mean though, I'm so indecisive when painting my nails and want to change them every couple of days, but £4 is pretty good seeing as you'll pay that if not more for a nail polish, or even more to get them done professionally!


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