Thursday, 6 May 2010


So.....I'm trying to plan my dissertation.
And I'm kinda stuck.
My first thought for a topic was packaging design, as its something I've always been interested and its a possible future career choice.
But researching this has somehow led me to talking about gender in perfume bottles.
I haven't had any lecturer feedback so far but the idea was suggested by my teacher Tom, so I can't be too far off a decent question.
I *think* I've got a tutorial tomorrow to discuss it, but they've messed up all the timings so I might end up going in and just having to come straight home again.
Hopefully not.
I've got a definite tutorial on Tuesday though so I will at least get some feedback before hand in next Friday.
I've also signed up for a tutorial on Wednesday but I might cancel that one and let someone else have it seeing as I'm being seen on Tuesday.
Oh its all so confusing.
My lecturers are rubbish.
Ach well, to bed. I've decided to get to the library for 9.30 tomorrow morning to get some work done before the possible tutorial at half 12. I never seem to be able to get anything done in halls.

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