Thursday, 13 May 2010


So, I decided on my dissertation title.
Investigate the impact of gender on packaging design. In particular, reference toiletries (perfume, razors, skincare) and determine what aspects of gender are evident in these products.
That title took me forever to word.
I tried to make it sound intelligent.
I'm not sure I pulled it off.

I handed all my sketchbook work in today (yay) and the dissertation proposal is due tomorrow morning and then I'm done!
Second year is complete.
I'm now a third year.
That thought scares me rather a lot.
I've got almost four months off now though to prepare for next year, try and get as much of my dissertation done as possible and get on with some of my own personal work.
I've got so many scrapbooks and stuff that I've never finished so they're pretty high up on my list to complete this summer.
And my dad's going to take me on some photography trips.
And I've really enjoyed the drawing aspect of my Illustration module so I think I'm going to make more of a point of carrying a sketchbook round with me and sketching things I like.
I have a Photoshop for Dummies book and an Illustrator for Dummies book. I've never used Illustrator so I'm planning to teach myself some stuff as well.

So even though I have nothing solid planned (except V Festival and a very possible trip to Edinburgh (which I'm extra specially excited about because it was where I was born and grew up)) I think I'm going to have a pretty busy summer!

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