Sunday, 30 May 2010


My dad made this for me today.
We went to Homebase and bought a plank of wood and I chose the Fleur de Lys hooks (they were the nicest ones that weren't ridiculously expensive!) We already had paint at home.

I have a ridiculous number of necklaces and I needed somewhere to hang them.
Before this they were hanging off pins on the side of my wardrobe, so this is just a neater and more professional looking version of that.
There's 45 necklaces on here.
That doesn't actually sound like that many, but it sure as hell looks like a lot!
I think I might buy a few more hooks for either side, just to spread the necklaces out a bit more (I purposefully made my dad start put the current hooks in the middle so I'd have space to add more)

However, this is just for my gold necklaces.
I need to find someway of hanging my silver necklaces now! There's another 28 of them.

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