Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Nail a Day.

You may or may not know that as I'm currently working in a dull office job and not in design like I really want to, I have to find other ways to express my creativity. This is usually by repainting my nails every couple of days.

So here's a few variations I've tried out recently. Of course, they've all been finished off with a top coat of Seche Vite.


Barry M Nail Paints in White and Shocking Pink

White Tips
The white is Barry M again.
Rhinestones are from bigecity on ebay (I've used this seller many times, they're very good)
I tried doing this design with magic tape but found it was easier to just do them freehand.

Pink with Silver Glitter

The pink base coat is the same George from Asda one used previously.
The silver glitter is from a nail art pen set. You can find many of these on ebay.
Same rhinestones as before.

Mixed 1

I used a dotting tool for the white spots on the green and the green spots for the flower leaves. There are many dotting tools available from ebay (you've probably guessed this is my number one source for nail art tools!)
I also used a white nail art pen for the stripes - the thin brush actually makes this quite easy.

I like doing mixed nails when I don't quite know what I want to do so decide to try out a few ideas at once. There's also some things I see which I like but wouldn't want 10 nails of so it's also good for occasions like that.

Mixed 2

The 3D flowers and pearl rhinestones are also from bigecity on ebay.

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