Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

There's a cupcake competition at work tomorrow in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, so I thought I'd try something new and different. I'd seen someone post a photo of some ice cream cone cupcakes they'd made on Facebook, so I decided to try that. After searching around for a few recipes (good ones here from Betty Crocker, Meridian Ariel, The Pink Whisk and Baking Mad) I found a successful combination of the lot.

I used a box cake mix. I couldn't find any Becky Crocker mix that wasn't chocolate flavoured, which wasn't what I wanted, so I used a different one but it worked ok. It only made six cakes though so I also had to make some up from scratch.

Here's the process of making them:
I wrapped the cones in foil as suggested in a few recipes - this really helped them stay upright in the muffin tray. I filled the cones to the bottom of the wider part with the mixture.

The ingredients I used, from left to right:

The boxed mix raised a little more than I wanted so I did cut the tops off before I iced them.

I put the cones in ramekins before I iced them to help them stay upright.

Ta da! They turned out great, and I think they really look like ice creams. There's quite a lot of icing on each one so they're pretty sweet, but they're needed for the look!

Transporting the cakes proved to be a bit more difficult than expected though - the cupcakes were too tall for most of the tupperware we have. To overcome this I used a really big tub and put silicone muffin cases in the bottom for the cones to stand in:
I also wrapped more foil round the base of the cones to really keep them in place while I get them into work.

So overall I love how these cakes turned out! I'll just have to see how they get on in the competition tomorrow; I'm only entering 4 (4 judges) so the extras are for people on my team - they're already excited!

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