Saturday, 28 May 2011

Final Show Setup.

So I spent most of the day yesterday at uni helping to set up the final show. It was me, Dan, Max and Luke basically doing manual labour and our tutor's dirty work.
We had to move every single stool and chair out of the studio (you can see them all in the last photo - there were A LOT of them!) then move all the tables against the walls. Each table had an MDF board cover so we had to take them all off and sort through which ones were in a usuable condition.

Once we'd done all that me and Max tidied the design store cupboard (literally filled with old portfolios, sleeves and job bags) while the others sorted through more sheets of wood in the corridors. Then finally we had to clear the other room we're using for our show, which had had several pigeons nesting in for the last few weeks so there was shit EVERYWHERE (we didn't have to clean that, they're getting cleaners in for that, but we had to work around it all :P)

But it's all clear now and ready to go and we made a good impression on our tutors seeing as no one else has been turning up to their sessions :)

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