Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Final Show Setup.

I was at uni again this morning helping set up the final show.
There was a bigger group of us in today (more guys to do the heavy lifting ;) ) we prepped the walls for painting, wiping them down (I was stood on a table doing this, the downside to being tall) sticking masking tape round the plugs and stuff and covering all the speakers, tv screens and other electrical equipment.

My friend Claire and I were put in charge of prepping the boxes we will be using in the final show. We will get a box each and have to sum up our project in the box.
So Claire and I had to trim the edges (I marked them out and she cut) then start putting them together.

We were supposed to be in all day but as there were quite a few of us in we finished by lunch, and just the blog group stayed longer. The rest of us will be back tomorrow to paint!

Claire cutting the boxes

Roughly A3 size box which we each get to put our work in.

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