Sunday, 8 May 2011

FMP Box.

As per my tutor's suggestion, I'm making a box to put the books from my final major project in.
I'm not supposed to hand anything in that's not in my portfolio, but there was no way this was fitting in an A2 folder along with god knows how many sketchbooks. I got my tutor's permission to hand it in separately, and made it how I want it to look rather than how it fits.
Therefore, the box has an A3 sized base and a separate compartment for each book. I thought about just buying a box to save time but the whole idea behind this project is it's all made by hand, so the box had to be as well.

These photos show the progression of manufacture. I made it from corrugated card (the only car I had big enough) and rather messily joined it all together. However, I then paper mached it to cover all the joins and provide an even surface.
Now I just need to decide how I want it to be decorated - I tried painting it white but you can see the newspaper underneath and it just looks messy. So now I'm thinking I will paper mache it again, but with a nice, textured paper.
It also has a lid that I will be putting a little motif from each book on the front of :)

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