Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Final Show.

We have a final show at university to display our work. They haven't actually told us anything about it yet (we have a meeting on friday) except that we need to give them a couple of really good photos of our work.

So...what photos?
I'm thinking one of the final box with all the books in, as then you can see all of them together, probably at a slight angle so you can actually tell it's a box.
I'm also thinking an image of all my logos together? Or maybe just the Tesco one - it's my personal favourite, and I was also thinking of giving a detailed photo of the Tesco "book" (puzzle) - envelope with the puzzle pieces spilling out and the final puzzle constructed next to it.
Yeah ok, maybe just the Tesco logo then. It's the less visually exciting packaging but the most interesting inside, I think. With just a photo of that one it should hopefully generate interest as to what the other books are about.

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