Sunday, 26 February 2012

Some Crafty Bits from this Weekend.

After seeing this dreamcatcher photo on weheartit I really wanted to make my own version. My sister's made a few which are for sale in our Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts but this was a special one I made just for me :)

I basically just used an old bangle, wrapped fabric round it and hung all sorts of fabrics and materials, as well as a few charms, from the bottom. I also followed this tutorial to do the stringy bit in the middle of the hoop. Very pleased with how it turned out! I might try and see if I can develop a simpler one to sell in the shop - this one has too many different bits hanging off it, which is fine if I already have all the stuff but I don't so it would wind up being really expensive to buy all the materials.

I also made these paper hearts out of sheets from an old book (I found this idea on a blog but I can't seem to find it again, I'll link to it if I do)

They're very simple to make, just strips of paper at different lengths and held together with split pins. A cute little extra in the corner of my room :)


  1. Wow, very creative! I do love the dreamcatcher, it is so beautiful

    1. Thank you :) I want to make a large one now like in the top photo. Just need to stock up on materials first! Haha x


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