Sunday, 8 January 2012

Final Weekend of Freedom!

Ok so this was my last weekend of freedom before joining the real world and starting my new job (9am tomorrow, having to go to Basildon for training, which will take about an hour in rush hour traffic, boo :P) I therefore tried to make the most of it and get everything I wanted to do done.


Popped into town with my Dad in the morning. I tried to get my Olympus Trip 35 fixed (the shutter release button has fallen off) but the camera guy couldn't fix it so that sucks. It still works, but I have to use a paintbrush to push the shutter down. Ran a few more errands, including stocking up on Kodak film from Poundland. This is how my box of films looks now:
Bit ridiculous I know. There's about 30 films in there now as well as 5 disposable cameras.

The Happiness Jar I mentioned in a previous post is coming along nicely. I originally bought a jar typically used for jams and preserves, but then found this pink one in TK Maxx and decided I liked it better, so swapped them over.
Also, my sister had a look through some of the quotes and lyrics that are in the jar and declared that most of them aren't actually very happy but oh well, I like to read them anyway.

The frame wall I've been working on is finally up!
Some of the frames are still empty and there's one still with a black and white photo that I want to change to sepia tone (although I can't find the original photo to edit so I may have to just use a new one altogether) oh and the big white rectangle is where my degree certificate is going once it's been framed, but I think it's coming along quite nicely! And the two little white squares are mini canvases which I eventually want to paint on.


My dad took me to Battlesbridge Antiques Centre where I ended up buying six old postcards (some date back earlier than the First World War!) and I put some of them in the frames on the wall:
I found out that the girl in this postcard is Marie Studholme, an actress born in 1872 and popular in Victorian and Edwardian musical comedy. Cool huh?! Wikipedia also says that 'her attractive features made her one of the most popular postcard beauties of her day', so I'm guessing this isn't a very unique postcard, but I like it all the same!

Most of the postcards had messages on them, some incredibly difficult to read! Is it a coincidence that they were all written in loopy, italic script or did everyone write like that 'in the olden days'?

With a couple of the other frames I just decided to use some floral fabric:

Last but not least, the real reason we went to Battlesbridge - I wanted a new [old] camera :) It's my birthday on saturday so I was going to treat myself, but because it's my birthday my dad bought it for me. Result! After utilising his expert-ish knowledge (certainly more than I know) on cameras, I left with this Praktica L2. I won't know it actually works until I've run a film through it and gotten it developed, but it makes a great noise when you pull the wind on lever thing (I did say I don't know anything about cameras!) and when you press the shutter release, so I know I'm going to love playing around with it!
He also bought me another lens for it :)

Another thing that's kept me busy this weekend is the blog I contribute to, 27 Kodak Moments. The girl who runs it, Louise, realised the page layout didn't fit properly on a PC screen so tried to redesign it but just ended up in a confused mess so I took over on that! It looks much better now I think, I went all out with photo links to the photographers we've featured, as well as a photo wishlist for all the cameras we want! Well, mainly what I want. Louise has pretty much let me have free reign over it as she works a lot and doesn't have a lot of time for it. Although now that I'm going to be working full time I'm definitely going to miss the freedom of not having set days!

So that was my funpacked weekend! My friend Fiona just left, she also works at the company I'm starting work for tomorrow so she's been giving me some tips and stuff :) it's just learning about the business tomorrow anyway so I don't think I'll have to do anything too difficult on the first day. Then I just have to learn stuff about finance. No idea. Wish me luck!


  1. WOW i LOVE the frame wall idea!?! Its so beautiful and elegant, i'm salivating over your bedroom.... brilliant post & i love the framed fabric. pretty!

  2. Thanks Polly :)
    I tried to go for a slightly more mature bedroom when I moved house but sometimes I feel it's still quite "little girl" like! Haha

  3. I think this is the the post you were referring to in your comment on my blog! I like that you mixed picture frames and embroidery frames together!


    1. Yes it is, well done (and thank you) for taking the time to find it!


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