Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crafty Creatives.

Anyone who's anyone in the crafty world right now is talking about the Crafty Creatives monthly box. I'm not saying I'm anyone, but I have subscribed to these amazingly cute little boxes - a box of craft goodies delivered every month!

I obviously can't be anyone because it took me two boxes before I finally got round to blogging about bad. But they really are wonderful, each box has a theme (first it was floral, then nautical) and there's ideas in there as to what to make but it really is up to your imagination.

I won't say much more seeing as I'm a bit behind and so many other lovely people have blogged about the boxes, so I'll just take you through what I've made so far :)

Warning: picture heavy!
Cheeky look inside the boxes - just bursting at the seams with crafty goodies!

Close up of the contents - I'm not going to list them, but if you do want to know head on over to the Past Boxes section of their website for full details.

This brooch was part of the kit that comes in each box. It was a bit fiddly but with some help from the video tutorial on the Crafty Creatives YouTube channel I figured it out.

I used a little of the leftover fabric to make this little stitched bird image - an idea I'm hoping to develop into something I can sell in my Folksy shop, Wishcatcher Crafts.

I used some of the floral tissue paper as the backing to an ornate rose gold frame I bought a while ago from TK Maxx but which has been sitting empty on my bedside table ever since.

This was a bit random, but the little glass flower beads came in the box and I mixed them with some other beads I have (I love the tiny little heart ones!) to make this cute little garland. It's currently hanging off my headboard...I'm very limited for hanging space in my room at the moment with all my other crafty experiments hanging up everywhere else!

So that's it for box 1 so far, plenty more in there to play with though and I'll add more photos when I have them :)

Close up of the box, again check out the past boxes page for more info.

This bracelet was in this month's kit. The starfish came separately but I thought they'd make a cute little addition. It's quite bulky on my wrist, so I think it would work better with slightly thinner rope.

Another random experiment but it incorporates several elements of the box. I got my dad to drill holes in the driftwood, de-threaded then re-threaded the pearls along with the coloured and fish buttons, and finally the wheel pendant. Then just a little of the paper string to finish it off.

The garland/mobile thing is currently hanging up in my mother's "secret garden", which is a work in progress. There's a load of little tealights dotted around in lanterns, which we finally got to light last night as it was warm enough, and it really does look lovely. I'll blog some more about this later on - the wooden bunting from this box is also going to feature in the garden.


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