Monday, 27 August 2012

Swing the Hammer.

A while ago I posted about the variety of nail wraps you can buy from Asos.

Well you may know by now that I'm not really quick to do anything (especially the amount of time it took me to get a film back from my Diana camera) but I've finally got round to trying them out.

The first ones were these Toonland nail wraps:
These are really, really cute but I found them a bit too thick and plasticy to fit on my nails properly. And because of where the image sits on the wrap it feels like they were upside down.

These doughnut and ice cream wraps were much more successful. They fit much better on my nails and because of the repeat pattern rather than a single image it's easier to get away with them not being perfect!

Another nail art craze I'm currently really into is nail decals, which I've gone a bit mad buying from ebay!

And just a cute little idea I painted just before I went on holiday (finished off with a layer of seche vite, they lasted the whole week!)

And how my nails currently look:


  1. the watermelon ones are definitely my favorite!

    1. Thanks Zanna, I think they're my favourites too!


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