Monday, 20 August 2012

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away....

I've always thought Galaxy nails look amazing but also really difficult, so I thought I'd have a go. And although they didn't quite come out how they look in other photos, they are actually quite easy to do.

So this is the process I used. First off was choosing which colours to use, from reading around it seems you can use pretty much any colour you want, and going by my nail polish collection I had quite a lot to choose between! There were 115 in there at last count....

So I eventually decided on these colours (as you can see I like Barry M!):

So you start off with a dark base colour. I used Barry M Black:

Because the glitter nail polishes I have didn't really seem right I also painted a layer of Gypsy Night from Topshop Nails:

Then using one of those foundation sponges I dabbed on three separate colours, in no particular order:

The glitter I used was Technic Carnival, which had a few too many colours in it and the flecks of glitter were a bit too large, so unfortunately it did ruin the overall effect:

Finished off with a layer of Seche Vite, my all time favourite top coat!
(Pre-cleaning! Oops!)


  1. Oh I think they look really good! I've loved this look for a while! I get so inspired to be creative with my nails, end up smudging one and then getting too angry and taking it all off!

    1. Yep that's usually how mine go! Or I've tried something then immediately see something else I want to try and don't want to wait a couple of days to try that out so just take the first idea off! I think this idea would ork a lot better with a finer glitter :)

  2. Love this idea! Love the overall 'galaxy' effect too!

  3. Thanks Emily! I really want to get a better glitter and try it again :)


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