Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Quiz Time.

On this blog I've talked quite a bit about Action for Family Carers, the charity I volunteer my design services for. Well they've now given me something else to work on - a poster for a quiz night.

Below are some ideas.
Idea 1
Kinda expected I suppose to incorporate a question mark into a poster about a quiz night, but this uses the colours of the charity's logo and keeps it quite simple - something I think is important to a small charity.

Idea 2
This idea also uses the same colour scheme, which I also previously used in the posters looking for fundraising volunteers.

Idea 3
This is just a different colour scheme to the idea above; it uses the same colours and circle motif as previous posters I designed for the jumble sale.
(On a side note about the jumble sale, posters for this are now up in various supermarkets and other locations around Essex. Exciting!)

Idea 4
This was was just a bit wacky! Thought I'd try something different but I don't think I like it very much.

I don't know which is currently my favourite, but definitely not idea 4! Any thoughts?

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