Sunday, 3 July 2011

Country Living.

Some antics from this weekend :)

The Mystery Machine at Friday Woods (completely random! Me, my sister and my friend Fi went here for a picnic, turns out the woods, and especially the car park, are famous for dogging, so probably won't be going back anytime soon!)

Tolleshunt D'Arcy Summer Show.

Mum entered Hamish in the "best veteran" class of the dog show...
(clearly showing how agile he still is for an old dog!)

And he came third! Never to old to win a rosette for a first time, can't teach an old dog new tricks and all that.

Hamish with his rosette.

I got talked into entering Logan into the "most handsome dog" category...
(I told Fi about my recent fascination with the sky so that's why this photo is like this!)

He won!

Collecting his rosette :)

Me and mum watching the show :)

Logan with his first place rosette for "most handsome" and third place rosette for "loudest bark", and Hamish with his "best veteran" one :)

Beautiful old car in the car park :)

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