Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Double Exposure.

Ok so I really want to try double exposing some film, amongst some other techniques, like using expired film. I also want to buy an old 35mm film camera, so my dad's going to take me to some camera shops this weekend to have a look (I was looking on ebay but I don't trust whether cameras sold on there are going to work or not)
There's also a tutorial I saw about taking macro photographs without a macro lens, which looks interesting, and I'll post once I've given it a try.

Anyways, until I can get my hands on a film camera I've given double exposure a try on Photoshop, using two completely random photos, adjusting the opacity and placing them on top of each other.
They're too purposeful though, I want the complete surprise you get from film where you never know what the result's going to be, but I guess I'll just have to wait for that :(

Ok so this photo I took before, and was a happy accident. I took a picture of my sister through a window and the bushes outside were reflected in the glass, and this is the result, and partly the inspiration for wanting to take more photos like this.

These two photos were taken by my friend Maria. She always has an old camera or two on her, and browsing her facebook I came across these and she explained how she did it - I'd need a film camera that you wind on manually so you can take 2 photos in the same frame.

So now for some experiments in Photoshop:
(they're not great :S)

Can you tell I don't really know what I'm doing?!

I've also remembered some photos I took on my dad's film camera I borrowed a while ago, so I might scan some of them in. I seem to remember some of them being quite interesting :)

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