Friday, 29 July 2011

Disposable Camera.

Ok so I've come across some ways to play around with my disposable cameras I bought today and hopefully get some interesting results :)
[See the source here]

Hopefully I can get some real double exposed photos with this technique!

I've done this to a new camera with sharpie and nail polish so we'll see what comes out!

I'm going to do this to the camera I've already used most of...I'm thinking of putting it in the freezer. I would leave it in the sun but the weather's been shit all week so not much chance of finding any! And I don't have anything sharp enough to poke holes through the plastic :S

This last image is another idea, which I'm going to try tomorrow (I coloured my flash in with blue sharpie and painted over the lens with yellow nail polish - I really love this photo)
The original can be see over at anitomasic's flickr.

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