Sunday, 10 July 2011

Essex Food and Drink Festival.

I went to the Essex Food and Drink Festival today. Held at the Cressing Temple Barns (which brought back memories from early high school because we went there on a trip), it was really good :)
Lots of yummy free food to try, and I even had champagne with real gold flakes in, which was really nice but very expensive! Especially when you're a recently graduated student and unemployed :S

But anyway, I took my camera, and found myself distracted taking photographs of things that weren't food!

Well, the eggs and berries were food! I liked the eggs because of the different coloured trays and the berries were used in waffles, which were sooo tasty!

Flowers from the walled garden.

Adorable little ducklings :)


My little sister looking especially pretty :)

Flowers for sale.


  1. Finally someone who is more beautiful than Kate!

  2. Perfect comment :)

    I don't get the Kate one though... :S


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