Friday, 1 July 2011

Tollesbury (again!)

I seem to have been going to Tollesbury a lot recently. Plus I've taken to carrying my camera literally everywhere I go.
The sky was looking really beautiful tonight though and I really wanted a good photo of the sunset over the marina.
I took my normal SLR (Nikon D3000) with me, as well as an old film camera of my dad's (which actually has a better zoom than my camera :( ) which I'll need to get developed, plus my sister brought her digital camera, so I should have a good selection of photos to go through.
Here are a few samples:

My sister sitting on my favourite bench.

I'm not really sure what it is about this bench that appeals to me so much, I guess it's that it just looks so lonely and desolate up on that hill.

It seems to be my new thing, to take a portrait photo with the foreground just at the bottom of the photo then the great expanse of sky. I like this technique, it gives the impression that the sky goes on forever and ever (which it pretty much does, hence why I think it's so amazing!)

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  1. the beach looks so peaceful!:)


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