Monday, 18 July 2011

Creative Packaging.

Some truly brilliant packaging ideas:

Rubber Band Packaging

Nobilin Pills Packaging

Cookie Packaging

Butter Packaging

BREAK FAST Packaging

See the whole article here.


  1. Having an attractive color packaging will be the most attractive part of any of the miniatures. As we all are that to promote our brand the first and the foremost thing is to have good packaging criteria on a product as much attractive the product packaging will look the much more promotion a brand will have. So be sure that you have the best packaging product and than see how your brand goes to the much more up gradation and promotion. So if we will make a good packaging than we are moving towards good brand connectivity.
    Product packaging design

  2. Packaging is relevant for it protects, preserves, and contains the product for an easy transport. Companies are always keen to improve the packaging of the product and make it for the best level in which it gives the very best quality while using the minimum cost and it is very appealing to the customers when it comes to design. Thanks a lot.
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  3. Very tempting designs. I specially like the butter and breakfast packaging style. Both the style are very appealing and can easily influence everyone. Thanks for posting all these creative designs.
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