Sunday, 5 February 2012


So a while back when I did my lemon juice experiments I mentioned that I'd ruined a film with  photos on it from my trip to Cambridge, which I was upset about. Then recently I developed a film from my Olympus Trip 35 and what did I find? Photos of Cambridge! Wonderful. But now I'm wondering what else was on the film that got ruined, but I guess I'll never know now!

I did have to do a quick Google search to remind me which college was which, so sorry to any Cambridgites (???) if any of these are wrong!

There's like 6 inches of snow on the ground! I'm so excited. I've been acting my shoe size (rather than my age) all day! We took Finlay and Logan out for a walk. This was Finlay's first snow and only Logan's second, but he loved it last year and they both loved it today! So cute. I took 4 cameras with me and used a few rolls of film but I won't be able to take them in for developing until next weekend now so I'll have to wait for them :( I took a few on my SLR though so I'll have a look through them in a minute.


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the snow, I wish I was out in it too! And these photographs are spectacular, I've never been to Cambridge but the architecture is just wonderful.

    1. It is, it's such a beautiful city! I'm so glad I got some photos of it after all.
      We just went for a two hour walk through the snowy countryside.....and now I can barely move! It's a lot harder to walk through snow than you think it is! Haha :)

  2. I believe the apparent photo of Queens' is actually Trinity College. Their gates are very similar.


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