Monday, 13 June 2011

Final, Final Show Setup.

So, final day setting up the show today!
Very measly turnout once again. There's 107 people on the Graphic Design and Design courses combined, only 43 of these have confirmed they will be in the show, and only half of these had boxes by the time I left. Really bad :(

It was finishing touches being done today, although there was still quite a bit to do when I left, but I'd done more than my fair share of the work and couldn't stay any longer.

This photo shows the "CCTV footage" of the boxes being moved around (the film I had to be in!) which does actually look really good, but I still don't like the idea of my face being up there!

This video shows the film in its entirety. I'm at the back for the first part then right at the front for the second part :P

Several students had done motion work and these had been combined into this multi-screen layout (hence the "babble" of psychobabble) and they all play at once with the sounds all mixing together (definitely headache worthy!) They'll be on the big screens in each of the three bays (the size of the screen at the back) with the CCTV film on the small screens.

I was out in charge of making sure the QR Codes that will be on a label on each box were working, but the app on my blackberry didn't seem to want to cooperate, so Amy and Dan scanned the codes while I put the labels together.

This white TV is on display in the corridor, and shows the photos of each student dressed in the white lab coats. This will also be on repeat (brief sample below, I'm second to last in what is a horrible photo!)

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