Friday, 24 June 2011


So I made my very final trip into uni today to pick my work up. And get my feedback :S

I [think] I may have gotten a first :D I don't know the overall result but my marks were:

part 1. 68 (B) worth 30%
part 2. 72 (A) worth 70%
overall. 70 (A)

Final Major Project
part 1. 58 (C) worth 20%
part 2. 72 (A) worth 40%
part 3. 75 (A) worth 40%
overall. 70 (A) (triple module so AAA)

and for semester 1:

Design Professional Practice
55 (C)

Design Application 2
77 (AA)

75 (A)

That's enough As for a first right?! I'm not sure though, there's probably too many non A marks to drag the overall result down :( I got AABBBBBC for the second year so I reckon it's possible. Oh well, it won't be lower than a 2:1 so that's ok :)

After some very complicated mathematics I think I worked my overall mark out as 70, which is an A, and a first! It's literally right on the boundary though so I hope it doesn't go down at all :S

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