Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Final Show Review.

Ok, so the show was a bit of a failure :S
Every other department's studios were packed with people because there was so much to look at, business cards and postcards to pick up, and just generally more going on.
You go into the psychobabble show, and it's empty. The only people in there were people from my course and whoever they invited (well it was like that when I went in just after 6, it might have improved later on)
There was just nothing to see! Everyone's work was hidden away in boxes, there were only a couple out on each table and no one would have spent the time to go through each one so some people's work would never have been seen. Really didn't do all our hard work justice :(

I did take some photos of other people's work I liked, which I will upload later, and my friend Fi had great fun making all the puzzles from my Tesco book!

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