Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Final Show Boxes.

For the final show we each get a white box to adapt our work for.
I tried my box out today and my ready-made presentation box fits nicely inside the biggest box available. Luckily, as it fit better size-wise in the middle box, but because the Nestle bottle is slightly raised out of the box the flaps wouldn't shut properly, so I had to upgrade to the bigger box, which is deeper.
The box will be lined with corrugated card so the inner box stays put.

My tutor also encouraged me to think about designing for the inner flaps of the box, so when it opens my work spills out across the inside of the box.
I still have components from each logo (e.g. whale/dolphin objects, toys from the Primark logo etc) so I'm thinking of incorporating these somehow. I'll need to take them into uni next week and practice with them to see how it looks, as the box still needs to be able to shut so there can't be anything too 3D on the flaps.

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