Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Final Show Setup.

Another day at uni today setting up the final show. There were actually quite a few people in today, for a change.
We were setting up the shelves that the boxes will sit on in the show.

There was a bit of a debate afterwards about how to paint the shelves. They were originally supposed to be all white, then they changed it to gray joins and white bases, just anything except the blue the uprights currently are. I left midway through this discussion so don't know what the conclusion was!

I only helped with one shelf because I was back in my box factory ;)
I had Dan as my box making assistant today. He was trimming the boxes while I put them together and cut the corrugated card sheets for inside.

We made about 40 boxes, which was very tedious and time consuming, but someone had to do it and there is a great sense of achievement when looking at the boxes all stacked up. People have started taking them to work on their ideas for their work, so it'll all start coming together soon (hopefully!)
I've taken my box home so I can design the flaps, which I'll be doing tomorrow.

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