Friday, 10 June 2011


Now that I'm home from London and have a break from working on the show I wanted to do something completely different, and after picking up some more feathers while out walking the dog I decided to work into this self-initiated project some more.

I therefore made 2 garlands of feathers, and hung these up in the garden to take photographs.
I was concentrating on the delicacy of feathers and their use in flight.

I also separated the chain of pigeon feathers and hung them up individually above the bench in my garden.
There was an ever so slight breeze so the feathers were moving around.
I tried to capture this on film (I wanted to experiment a little) but they mostly just tangled themselves up. I managed to get a little bit of footage and have imported this into iMovie, which I'm going to play around with a little this weekend.

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