Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Final Show Box.

I had a bit of a play around with ideas for the inner flaps of my box.
I have referenced a few of the logos/companies but not all of them because I do not want it to look too crowded and draw attention away from the books.

The Tesco logo is highlighted with whales and dolphins swimming up the inside of one of the flaps. I used mainly flat cut outs but there are a couple of 3D toys as well, although I'm not too sure how much I actually like these :S

[UPDATE] I moved the second Dolphin toy to the left and facing the other direction so it is more balanced with the lower one and now I think it looks better.

The Primark logo is referenced using colourful crayons and pencils. These add a nice splash of colour to the otherwise quite limited palette of whites and browns. They sit quite snugly in the corner closest to the Primark book, although I'm not sure if they should stay where they are or be moved up slightly.

I also thought about referencing the Apple logo, as I think the book for this logo is the most informative yet evasive, by covering the whole of one of the inside flaps with the same net I used for the logo. The net is only blue tacked down at the moment while I seek my tutor's approval and figure out a way to join them together!

I don't think I realised quite how big this box was until I was planning the flaps, so I don't know if these little touches are enough to break up the huge amount of brown card on the inside.

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