Thursday, 9 June 2011

Final Show Footage.

Today was embarrassing.
Seeing as I was one of the only few who were in I got roped into filming a piece for the show.
The whole "clinical" concept means we will be "invigilating" the viewings, so we have to take boxes off the shelves (which the tutors actually helped by putting together) and carry them over to the tables, let people look at the work, then put the boxes back.
I'm not sure why they wanted to do this, but on the screens you can see in the upper left hand corner they want footage of people moving the boxes around without anyone else in the room, almost like CCTV, and me, Sarah, Azaria, Marcus and Daniel were the ones who ended up having to do this.
It was all choreographed, we had to wear white lab coats (which would probably fit an elephant, they were so big) had to look serious, and basically had to 'act' with the boxes.

We first shot moving the boxes on and off the shelves (I was right in front of the camera for this part and had to go first so that's going to be fun to see on loop :S) then they shot us putting boxes on the tables (luckily I was at the back for this part, but still had to start). All very dull and mundane but it's going to be playing on repeat all day everyday throughout the week, as well as individual pictures (in the lab coats) in the corridors, so people are going to be pretty sick of my face by the end of it!

[Obviously there's no pictures of the filming in progress seeing as I was in the film and there was no one else around, hence me having to be in it in the first place!]

Also stick down everything on my box today, so that's all done, did some manual labour with some tables, had to go down to woodwork in the service lift (which was rather frightening) and watched Andreas and Daniel painting boards to put over the windows.

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