Friday, 3 June 2011

Final Show Setup.

Another day setting up the final show today.
I now seem to be in charge of everyone's boxes, which would be alright if anyone actually bothered coming in to translate their work into their box, but no one seems to care enough which isn't good.
I'm worried the show will look awful because only a few of us are actually committed to helping out.

Anyway, today it was me Aithche and Lola making the boxes and Filiz came in to paint the final room, the motion studio.
We had a bit of a production line going on - Aithche was cutting the corrugated card into sheets to lay in the bottom of the box (from the massive roll), Lola was trimming the boxes and I put it all together, joining the boxes together and putting the card sheets inside.

We were only allowed to make a few today because there isn't any space to store them over the weekend, but there's 107 students supposedly in the show and almost all of them need a box, so I've got a lot to do next week! I've got some helpers, but someone needs to be in charge and that's apparently me!

How the boxes look. Everyone will be in charge of their own box, the tutors want a hole cut into the card sheet so the work sits nicely in it and doesn't move around.

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