Sunday, 23 October 2011

Crafty Day.

Me, my sister Sophie and my friend Fi had a bit of a crafty afternoon today :)

Paper daisy tutorial here.
Fi managed to make a couple of these to take home with her. She's not arty or crafty at all so she was very pleased with herself!

My sister made these heart garlands.

A joint effort between me and Sophie to make this new home card for our grandparents :)

I fell in love with this. DIY Tassle Garland tutorial here.

This picture made me really want to make these paper poms.

I followed a couple of tutorials (here and here) to make these, and they're a lot harder than they look so I'm still trying to get the hang of them! The pink one is the only one that really worked properly :S I'm going to get some more tissue paper tomorrow though and keep practicing!

We also made paper cranes to hang with the white pom :)
It took us a while to get the hang of making the cranes but by using both this tutorial and this tutorial, we finally managed it :)


  1. I love that bad, so brightful! Good work, nation!:)

  2. Those paper daisies are so cute! and the bed also looks great. I love all this home decor stuff! :)

    Marie x

  3. wow, wow, wow:) Those pictures are impressive! These lights are the most charming, I want to have the same over the bed:) xo

  4. I do love fairy lights a lot :) I have another set that are flowers but they just stopped working so that makes me sad :(

    And I've been doing some more craft stuff today so I'll post them once I've sorted them out.

    Thanks for your comments girls, they make my day :)


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