Monday, 24 October 2011


Ok so breaking from tradition again and posting about food :)
My sister's on half term this week and it's almost tradition now for us to bake when she's on school holidays, so this is what we've made the last 2 days.
(Apologies for the rubbish photos, they're from my phone :S)

This first recipe is Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies (from intoruth, thanks Ruth!)

These taste so, so good! I had to estimate on some of the ingredients because the recipe has American measurements (how is "1 cup" an accurate measurement?!) but it all worked out well in the end! Seriously try these. We put the whole packet of oreos in with both milk and white chocolate chunks.

Recipe 2 is red velvet cupcakes.

These were my brother's request. They're pretty much just fairy cakes with red food colouring in, so very easy to make.
I used this recipe, and added about a teaspoon of red colouring in (we got the paste stuff rather than the liquid) and then a buttercream icing which my sister knows the recipe for off by heart (that's how often she bakes!) and she made it so I don't know the measurements for, but very easy to find out I'm sure.

Definitely felt a bit American making these, I'm sure they're an American thing? They're mentioned in a few American films anyway, but tasty all the same, and I'm taking the really tiny ones to a friend's dinner party tomorrow where I'm sure they'll go down well :)

Bit of Italian now, we made pizza.

My sister made pizza at school a couple of weeks ago and wanted to make them for dinner, and I volunteered to help, not realising she would make me knead the dough, which is really hard work!
Anyway, I ended up making my pizza with a mozzarella stuffed crust (which fell apart when cooked so didn't quite go to plan :S) and I put passata, mozzarella, borsin, chicken, sweetcorn and mixed herbs on the top. So, so good. But ridiculously filling so I have half for lunch tomorrow! Yum.


  1. Love the cookies, I think yours are a much better effort on the visual-front, but thanks anyway :)

  2. She sent me a cookie. Sooooo good!!


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