Thursday, 20 October 2011


Over the last 2 days I've applied for THIRTEEN jobs and sent out NINETEEN personal mailers.

I've already had a couple of "you don't have the right experience" emails (at least they let me know, which is more than almost every place I've applied to. I mean, it doesn't take long to fire off a quick no email, does it?)

It's just getting really frustrating. I just want a job now please!

I've even been applying for basic admin jobs but even they want someone with bucketfuls of experience, even though they're graduate roles that pay minimum wage.
I read a good article earlier about recruitment consultants. That seems to be the only job available to graduates that you need no experience for, but why is there so much demand for recruitment consultants when there are no jobs available to recruit for or consult about?! Answer me that one if you can.

I'm having to consider a christmas temp job in retail just to cover me for a few months, but being out in the sticks of Essex means I'm going to have to pay lots in petrol and parking to get to any sort of job, so will it really be worth it in the end?

My dad keeps saying that I'll appreciate a job so much more when I eventually get it, and I know I will, but I'm almost out of savings and then I'll be pretty much housebound (not that I really go out a lot as it is, although the pull to internet shopping is really strong at the moment!) because I won't be able to afford to have fun :(

Such a hard life.


  1. Oh, my dear Hannah, these unfortunated fortunes hit us all:( I know you deserve more and I am upset because I and all my dearest persons have this problem. But I hope you, me and others to have better times, better fortunes. That's why I couldn't continue my blog, I had a circle of persons and places to visit but the lack of finances gave me no reason to pursue my dream and my passion. Hope one day I'll start another one. DON'T GIVE UP!

  2. Yeah, I mean I could get a job working in a shop or something, but I feel like I'd be settling just because it's the only thing available, and I don't want to have to do that. Although I may have to just to cover christmas. None of my family will be getting any presents otherwise! Haha

    But yeah, everyone is in the same situation, it's just the lucky few who catch a break. But I'm not going to give up, I just need to wait for my opportunity :)

  3. Oooft, I'm in exactly the same boat, luckily I've snapped up a two week unpaid internship, if it helps for nothing it will be for my sanity.
    I even got rejected to be a recruitment consultant, apparently I didn't want the money enough, when I really did, it's just the job is annoying and I know how much I dislike recruitment agents, I'm not sure how I would feel about being disliked on that level.
    Good luck, I'm sure something will turn up :)x

  4. Yeah I did a 6 week internship at the start of the summer that got me out of the house for a bit, although I really hated it at times so I would've rather been at home! They offered me a job at the end, which I turned down because I didn't like being there (and it didn't pay very much) but I'm almost getting to the point that I'm wishing I'd have taken it, just to at least have some money. Almost.

    Is that the main criteria for being a recruitment consultant, money?! That seems ridiculous. Seems silly there's so many consultant jobs when there's no other jobs to recruit people for :S I would find it hard to be recruiting people to jobs I might want to do but wouldn't be in the position for.

    I think I'm going to go the "christmas temp in a shop" route just for something to do for a while, and just hope there's more opportunities in the new year. I've sent mailers to pretty much all of the design studios around where I live though and not heard anything back so I've pretty much exhausted any chance of working near home :S

    Ahh well, we're all in the same boat so we need to just hang in there and just really hope it all picks up soon!


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