Monday, 31 October 2011

I've Lost Track...

Of how many jobs I've applied for now. They just go on and on.

I applied for one today that sounds really good. My friend let me know about it, her mum used to work at this school so is friendly with all the staff there. She found out that they're looking for a media studies technician, so I've applied for that :)

I also have a trial day working for my dad's company tomorrow. They use a freelancer who works from home to do a lot of their graphic design work, but apparently they're not too happy with the work he's been doing, so they're going to see how I do and if I impress them I might get taken on for some freelance work :) That would be great experience.

What I've learnt is that it really, really is about who you know and not what you know. It's a shame these are like my only links to the industry!

On a non related note, I'm taking Finlay to puppy training classes on wednesday. Apparently he's my responsibility now! No offense to my parents or anything, but our other 2 dogs are really badly trained, so this is my opportunity to see if I can do any better (doubtful, very doubtful!)


  1. Yeah I know, it's so hard though :(

  2. Keep your chin up, the worst thing you can do is get down about it. I completely know how you feel, but you GOT A 1ST! Something is bound to come your way soon.
    Maybe take a few days break from it, I know it seems like it's a bit counter-productive but it will do the world of good for your mindset. I don't want to give you any other advice because I've been getting so annoyed with other people's 'useful tips' for how to get a job, as though it is that easy. xx

  3. Yeah, it's definitely reassuring to know there are [millions!] out there in the exact same position I'm in. I just have to keep telling myself you know you're not the only one.

    My brother and best friend both just got promoted so that's not really helpful for encouraging me when I have nothing, but my brother's just referred me at his work (it's a financial admin company so not relevant at all!) but seeing as they like him and we've worked in the same job before I'm hoping that'll work out in my favour! It's also shit that the people from my course who are getting jobs/internships are the ones that I wouldn't have thought would've done that well straight away, or I know them and I know they're not trying very hard, so I guess it's about being in the right place at the right time or just getting lucky.

    It feels good to talk (or type!) about it though so thanks for letting me rant! haha


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