Friday, 21 October 2011

A Photoshoot in the Forest.

Well today's outing showed me that I don't really have a "photographer's eye". I could picture what I wanted to achieve in my head (pretty much based on what I've seen other people achieve) but I don't have the skills to implement this.

I did enjoy it though. My sister doesn't make a particularly good model, she kept laughing and pulling stupid faces. But I think I got at least a few good photos (although these have all been edited the crap out in photoshop!)

So anyway, the story.
I wanted to go somewhere where we wouldn't be interrupted (it's not exactly normal to take balloons to the woods, is it? I live in the countryside so we're surrounded by woodland, but we just happened to choose the woods that a load of school children were going on a trip to! Mighty embarrassing. We packed up pretty quickly when they came along.

We did three different set ups, the first was Sophie in the little den we found. The second she sat on a little bridge over a stream (this was when the school kids came along, so that photo is the only one I took there!) and the final set up we tried to get both of us in but I didn't have my tripod so I propped the camera on a branch, which didn't work particularly well :S

Probably because I'm not imaginative or creative enough, but I don't really like shooting set ups like these. I prefer to just stumble across something beautiful and capture that moment, rather than creating a fake one.


  1. The one of you is good, I like the tone. And the one of the hand holding the balloons.

    What have you done with all the balloons?!

  2. Yeah I think I overdid the balloons in some of them. I might go back and change them :S

  3. Oh and the balloons are currently sitting in 2 big bin bags in my bedroom! I bought 50 overall, only blew up 20, lost a few to the forest and brought they rest home.

    No idea what I'm going to do with them now :S
    It's one of the dog's birthday sometime soon so maybe he'll appreciate some balloons! Haha

  4. Wow, Colorful Balloons:) I love them all, these photos are coming to my soul! Love them, I'm so sorry I am not able (mentally primarily) to share so beautiful things:(((

  5. Yeah I thought of you while I was doing this :)


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