Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fuuvi Juicebox Camera.

I just blogged about this over on 27 Kodak Moments but I'm so excited about this camera arriving that I thought I'd talk about it on here as well :)

It's called the Juicebox camera and made by Japanese company Fuuvi.

It's a regular 35mm film camera, but the outside casing has very cleverly been made to look like a juicebox.
It comes in about 20 different designs, but is not readily available in the UK so I had to buy mine off ebay (still less than a tenner though so a pretty good price!)

You can buy it here (shipping from Japan) and here (shipping from Malaysia) (I don't know about postage costs from these places) and there are some available on ebay but sadly not very many :(


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