Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'll Make it a Forest...

I've managed to persuade my sister to come with me to do a mini photoshoot in the forest tomorrow.
I'm kinda obsessed with forests at the moment. 

I've been making little 3D forests out of paper today. They're kinda cute. I like the look of them over my green cutting mat - it's a hint at the real colours in the forest.

I cut a basic tree shape in white card (you can't tell it's white because my flash wasn't working properly :S) but left the bottom edge uncut, folding along that edge so the trees stand up from the sheet, so it looks like trees standing in a forest.

I like these ones with text. I think I want to explore this idea a bit more with other shapes and stuff.

I want to set these trees up in the forest tomorrow - the paper verses the real thing.

I also bought a load of balloons, in a variety of colours, which I think will look good mixed in with the autumn colours of the forest. Although I think it may look better against trees with no leaves, so I may have to wait until winter, but I'll see how it goes tomorrow.


Setting up the trees in the forest did not work. At all. It was windy and the ground was even so they would not stay up. So I gave up and came home with them.

In the end I taped them to a cutting board. It was pretty covered in blue paint, but then my sister pointed out that it looked like a stream flowing through the forest, and I really liked that idea so I'm going with that!

Kinda like a forest, putting them in the "wild" part of my garden.

I love the shapes of the shadows :)

I want to do something with fairy lights wrapped throughout the trees, but I haven't been able to get any yet, and the only space I have for this board is on the floor, so a few of the trees have been trodden on now :(


  1. This made me super excited for Christmas. The trees made my day. Yay!

  2. Hannah, I would be delighted to walk through this forest. Amazing work!

  3. I was looking through a christmas catalogue at the time which is where the inspiration came from!

    Thank you :)

  4. You could make a massive one of these, that would be amazing!

  5. Yeah, but how long would that take?! Haha


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